We have an author in our midst

We have an author in our midst, our very own Kerry Mewhort is the author of a new book.  The book is called:

Why me? From Pain to Joy: God’s Power in My Life

by Katrina Servant

To order the book you can contact the author here.   Here is a link so you can order the book on Amazon.   Rev. Donald Schmidt wrote the forward for the book.

In her book, Katrina traces her journey from the pain of not having a date to the high school prom to the ultimate joy provided by God’s intervention in her life. The book is presented in three parts, each portraying relevant stories in her own and her family’s life. The first part deals with the history of each side of her family, from the persecution of her Mennonite ancestors in Europe to the migration of members of both sides of her family to Canada. The second part consists of Katrina’s autobiography from early childhood, including details of her parents’ difficult marriage, through her schooling and career as a physiotherapist. Then she discusses her own marriage, the travel and fun she and her husband had, and raising a family of two sons. In part three, Katrina explores her faith and God’s messages to her after she learns that her husband is actually a transgender woman. The challenges she encounters in her marriage and God’s eventual acts to remove her from the situation comprise most of this part. Katrina then meets a Christian man on a walk, and they eventually marry. This relationship provides Katrina with the love and stability she had never known before.