Worship Services Suspended due to COVID-19

We have received an email from the Pacific Mountain Regional office telling us that we need to suspend services at Okanagan Falls United Church.  Many of our congregation are joining Oasis United church on Zoom at 10 AM on Sunday Mornings.  We are sure we will hear when they will allow us to once again hold our weekly church services.  OK Falls Quilters is also suspended due to COVID-19.

The message from the United Church of Canada indicates that we will still need to carry on our pastoral care.  To this end I would ask that you contact us if you require any assistance (grocery shopping, trips for medical appointments, etc.) or pastoral care.  Our email and phone numbers are below.

Here is the link to the Pacific Mountain Regions message regarding this topic:


There are the links for 2 online church services:


Log on for online announcements and a personal welcome at 9:55AM and for worship at 10AM