Okanagan Falls United Church

welcomes you. This is the building with the history of the “Blasted Church.”

We are

A member of The United Church of Canada. We are an open, inclusive congregation with a liberal theology.

Services and Location

Okanagan Falls United Church services  are being held  at 9 AM every Sunday morning.


  • a sense of church family, through fellowship and working together.
  • a spiritual place, away from the turmoil of getting and spending.
  • a faith community at worship.
  • a place of empowerment, and service to the local and wider community
  • the reassurance that there is somhttps://okfallsunited.ca/news/eone to help you in the crisis moments of life.

Upcoming Events

  • Weekly church services held in the church building .  Check Dates and Events below to find out who is leading the service this week.
  • April 13 at 7 PM  Concert – Happy Together featuring the Vintage Voice singers
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“Blasted Church”

Dates and Events

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About Us

Our Mission Statement

To be a faith community where our spirits are nurtured and all are welcome.

To make a positive difference in the lives of our church community and the world by using our gifts

We are in Okanagan Falls at the south west corner of 11th Ave and Willow Street (1108 Willow Street).

“Blasted Church”


Our History (The Blasted Church)

The Okanagan Falls United Church began its life as a Presbyterian Church in the mining community of Fairview. When the town’s fortunes declined, the church was not being used. The Okanagan Falls congregation and their minister decided in 1929 to dismantle the church and bring it to their community.  It is the “dismantling” part of the church lore that is shared as a great story, and that named a winery.

The practice in those days was to board over the windows and seal the doors of a building in which a stick of dynamite was suspended. The resulting force loosened all the nails so that removal of the boards was accomplished more easily and with less damage to the wood. The material was then brought to Okanagan Falls, reassembled, and the church was reopened with a dedication service on January 19, 1930, with Reverend Feir officiating.

It was an interdenominational church for several years.  Many of the furnishings and stained glass windows are dedicated from and to the pioneers of the area. The pews (see picture) were originally made circa 1902 for use in Elliott’s Hall in Fairview, and were in place for the visit of the poet Pauline Johnson.  They were sawed by hand, the bench from one solid piece of lumber, and the backs of two pieces. When Elliott’s Hall closed, the pews were given to the church in Fairview, and subsequently came to Okanagan Falls. They are still in use.

This lovely old country church at the corner of Willow Street and 11th Avenue has served its communities well in the past, and continues to do so today. Please come and participate with the congregation in the continuing adventure and evolution of the “blasted church.”





Fundraising Event

Join us for a Fundraising Event on Thursday April 13 at 7 PM.  You will be entertained by the Vintage Voices singers who will be singing some of your favourite tunes including Bad Bad Leroy Brown Hard Days Night California Dreamin’ Happy Together Unchained Melody Tickets available by phoning 250 460-2560 or 250 497-1171 Bring …